To serve a variety of markets, General Motors offers different makes of vehicles. For example, their Buick division is designed to compete with Lexus and Infinity luxury brands while Cadillac is designed to compete with Mercedes and BMW. Chevrolet is their entry-level brand. General Motors offers a vehicle for nearly every price range!

Mechanically GM vehicles share a lot of parts including powertrains and other major systems.  Cadillacs have more options than Chevrolet’s but below the skin, there are a lot of commonalities.

Who Makes Your Tires? (aka What's your brand?)

Many brands for many markets

  The same is true for tires.  Over the last couple of decades, there has been a lot of consolidation in the tire world.  Michelin owns BF Goodrich, Cooper owns Hercules, and so forth.  This consolidation has also resulted in some new brand names such as Nexen and Ironman.  

Who Makes Your Tires? (aka What's your brand?)Nexen tires come from South Korea, they are an up and coming brand with excellent reviews around the world.  The Ironman tires are made by Hercules which as we mentioned is owned by Cooper Tires.  The lesser-known names tend to cost less however the tires are manufactured to the same high standards as all tires sold in North America.  They sometimes will not have the latest tread patterns or sidewall looks as the top-tier tire names, but they are fine tires.

Fun fact, my college-aged children, (who have a college-size budget) have used Ironman and Nexen tires on their vehicles for years. Both children have had great success and good mileage out these lesser-known tire brands.  

Who Makes Your Tires? (aka What's your brand?)So if you need new tires but want to save money, consider the lesser known brands of tires.  You can likely get equal or close to equal performance for everyday driving for less money. If you have questions, give us a call at 512-766-6230 to go over options!


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