The dog days of summer are among us… and it has been HOT here in Texas. For car owners, this is something to pay attention to! Why? Well, cars are affected by heat, and tires are definitely affected by heat!

Too Hot For Your Tires! Heat does affect tires.

Watch for abnormalities like this in your tires

In the past few weeks, people are calling concerned about their “blistered” tires! (Which is dangerous and should cause concern!) A blister on the sidewall of a tire means that the tire is failing structurally and could blow out. While driving, tires will naturally create heat (due to friction and motion). Now, add an already high starting temperature (thanks to Texas’s summers) and problems can arise. When tires reach higher temperatures, any weakness will show more quickly, thus causing a jump in sidewall blisters during the summer months.

If you see a bump on the sidewall of your tire call us right away. We offer all brands and models of tires and can replace your tires at competitive prices without any impact on your schedule. 512-766-6230.