Tread Connection is a by-appointment mobile tire service. That word “mobile” often trips people up, so let me clarify. We are a complete, state of the art, tire shop that fits inside of a van. This allows us to bring the tire shop to you! Meaning, we will bring the tire shop to your home, office, job-site, your hair salon’s parking lot, your gym, or really anywhere you need us to go. To make it even better, we offer extremely competitive pricing! 

What services does Tread Connection Provide?

If a brick and mortar tire shop can do it, so can we! Here at Tread Connection Wilco, we:

  • sell and install new tires
  • perform common tire services such as rotations and flat repairs
  • offer TPMS services
  • provide tire inspections 

Our Goal

What is Tread Connection?

Tires at your convenience!

Our goal is to service your vehicle with minimal impact to your schedule! We have met customers at an office or other workplace parking lots, construction sites, their homes, and more.  We have fixed a flat at an indoor loading dock, replaced tires on a prized automobile in a storage facility, and even installed a few new tires at the park while the owners enjoyed a long hike. 

We work in the rain, the cold, and the extreme heat! We are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 6 pm (which helps free up your nights and weekends!) Note that we are not set up or designed to compete with services like AAA that provide immediate roadside assistance! You would not call AAA when you need a new set of tires or wheels, right? In the same vein we are not the best choice for roadside urgent assistance! We are, however, the very best mobile tire shop! Call us today at 5127666230, we will be glad to assist you with your tire and related service needs.