The world has changed a lot in 2020 which has forced many of us to adapt to new procedures and policies! However, life has continued.

Though this year has been rough, many exciting innovations have come to fruition (or, are coming) as we adapt to the challenges. And yes, even in the tire industry!

Acquiring and Installing New Tires In A Pandemic World

Ordering tires online is easy!

For years, consumers have been able to purchase their own tires online. But once the tires deliver to their front door, the consumer had to figure out where and/or how to install the tires. This requires loading the tires into a vehicle and taking it to a tire shop for installation.

Acquiring and Installing New Tires In A Pandemic World

Got the tires, now what?

Other than the annoying amount of wasted time, this task was doable.

Now with a pandemic affecting every aspect of life, what was once a moderate inconvenience is no longer a safe option! Some shops are allowing customers to wait in their cars while the tires are serviced. Though that is technically safe, this is not comfortable! Especially in extreme heat or cold and/or young children are along for the ride! 

Now there is a new option!

What if you could have the convenience of ordering tires online with the added convenience of having them installed at your location? That is the best of both worlds, right? Tire shop services and the ability to purchase tires at competitive prices with very little inconvenience! That would be a game-changer for sure.  

Acquiring and Installing New Tires In A Pandemic World

The future of tire purchasing and installation has arrived!

Well we have good news!  This best of both worlds is already available.  Head over to Tread Connection (, find the tires you want and place an order. Then, a trained technician will arrive at your specified location, in a mobile tire shop, with your selected tires on hand and ready to install!

Try the innovative easy new way, the 2020 way, to purchase your tires and have tire and wheel services done at your location on your schedule. 512-766-6230