A few weeks ago, we got a call from a soon-to-be tire customer. His beloved Italian supercar was sitting in his garage with a flat tire caused by a pesky nail. (Yes, even the hair-raising, head-turning, supercars are subject to flat tires!) The caveat — he was out of town.

Fortunately, that was not an issue for us! When we say Tread Connection Wilco is convenient, we mean it! So, we scheduled an agreed-upon time, and when we arrived on-site, our customer used their home automation to open their garage. We went to work, fixed the flat, and informed the customer when the job was complete. Then, the customer paid their invoice electronically, and remotely secured the garage! 

When a Hyundai Sonata and A Ferrari Are Equals...

A flat tire is the great car equalizer whether you drive a premium super car or a daily commuter.

From start to finish, we were able to complete the job to our customer’s satisfaction without any contact! They were able to attend to their work, while in a different state, and still, get their tire repaired! 

The future of tire service is here, anyone can take advantage of this convenience.  We offer competitive tire prices and work around your schedule and preferred location! You do not even have to be there!

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