Once upon a time, the golf cart was nothing more than a utilitarian little vehicle that golfers (from amateur to pro) used to drive around the golf courses. They sat low to the ground on 10-12inch wheels. Well, times. Have. Changed! 

Golf Carts

A custom golf cart with 14 in wheels and tires

Over the last decade, customization has reinvented the little machine.  From mild to wild, radios, leather seats, built-in coolers, accessory lighting, and lift kits are just some of the many options one can select for their golf cart. These days, golf carts spend time on and off the course and all-terrain golf carts are very popular. These glorious carts come equipped with a lift kit and run on wheels measuring 14 inches or larger! Sounds fun, right? They are! But now caring for your cart requires a little bit more thought! When it comes to tires and wheels, Tread Connection Wilco can help with that!

As long as they are at least 14-inch wheels, we have you covered and can do the following:

  • Install new wheels
  • Install new tires
  • Fix flats on tubeless golf cart tires

Want to spruce up your cart? We can help with that too… well… the wheels and tires! There are many different options and sizes, and we are here to walk you through the various options.

So if you have a golf cart that can support 14inch or larger wheels and you want to spruce up the wheels and tires give us a call we’ll be happy to help!