Ever wonder why your tires wear out?  Why does the tread get less and less as the tires get more and more miles on them?  This is an interesting question.

We will answer this question today.  First it’s not a conspiracy by the tire manufactures to sell more tires.  Your tires wearing out is simply a sign that they are doing their job.

As you drive around chances are that sometime you have seen skid marks or maybe burnout marks at a traffic light.  Those marks are caused by rubber being transferred from the tire to the road.  When skidding or doing

What You Leave Behind (Tire Wear)

These are very worn tires!

a burnout the rubber is being put on the road at a very high rate.  That is why excessive burnouts or skids will severely impact the life of a tire. 

In normal driving each rotation of the tire leaves a rubber deposit on the road as a result of the friction of traction.  The tire is gripping the road surface which is porous.  As the tire moves over the surface tiny rubber particles are left behind.  After a length of time you will see this in your tires as tread wear.  This is completely normal.

This is also why a light rain can make a clear looking

What You Leave Behind (Tire Wear)

A regular tire rotation will extend your tires life

road so slick.  The moisture sits on top of the rubber that has been left on the road surface creating a slippery surface.  More rain or snow will wash the rubber off of the road and traction will improve.

You can help your tires to wear evenly and last longer with regular tire rotations usually with every oil change a tire rotation should be done, along with a balance check and tire pressure check.  Doing these 3 services will allow you to get the most miles out of your tires by keeping the wear even and the tires in balance and at the correct air pressure.

Tread Connection makes this easy as you can schedule us to come to your home or office and perform these services while you work or enjoy your time at home.  Call 512-766-6230 to schedule some tire maintenance with us.