The Ford Lug Nut Problem-

Many Ford vehicles built over the last decade have two piece lug nuts.  These consist of a steel lug nut with a pressed on soft metal cap.  The soft metal cap is the part that you see.  

Ford Lug Nuts

Damaged Ford lug nuts

These lug nuts look great when new.  However after a few tire changes, rotations etc the pressed on caps lose their shape.  This makes it very difficult to put a lug wrench on them to loosen or tighten as they won’t fit the tool due to the fact that they are no longer shaped correctly.

The ramifications of this problem-

At a tire shop such as Tread Connection we use a hammer and drive the socket on to the mis shapen lug nut. This allows us to remove or tighten the lug nut.  This slows down the speed of the tire service and risks damaging our tools.  For the customer if they ever had to change a tire using the tools that came with their vehicle chances are good that they would not be able to remove the lug nuts as the lug wrench simply won’t go onto the lug nuts.

The solutions-

Ford Lug Nuts

Aftermarket one piece lug nuts

There are some choices in correcting this issue.  The simplest is to replace the lug nuts with a new set from Ford.  These will fit the vehicles own tire changing tools.  However eventually the same issue will occur again as the lug nuts wear out and become mis shapen again.

Another option is to switch to one piece aftermarket lug nuts.  The concern here is that the one piece lug nuts are a different size.  While changing to them would solve the problem of them becoming mis shapen it will create another concern.  The lug wrench that came with the vehicle will not fit the smaller aftermarket lug nuts.  So if you choose to switch to aftermarket lug nuts you will need to add to your vehicle a lug nut removal tool that will fit them.  This can be as simple as a socket wrench of the correct size up to a 12 volt impact with the correct sized socket.

We can help!

Tread Connection can help you with this problem.  We can supply replacement Ford lug nuts for your vehicle or we can provide aftermarket choices. Ford Lug NutsIf you have encountered this concern or your lug nuts look dented and mis shapen call us and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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